Customer Service

We believe the difference between a successful and a failing relationship rests with the supplier's ability to communicate.

Specifically, it is the initiative as well as the accessibility of knowledgeable people to accommodate inquiries, order changes and job requests.

At Lock Joint Tube, we recognize your need for information, your need for reassurance. For one customer, the tight tolerance on the outer diameter of the tube means everything. Another customer calls to shift delivery dates because of a production schedule change. And still another customer seeks documentation on a tube's heat number. Each customer has its own agenda, an inevitable fact that we recognize, respect and accommodate to the best of our ability.

We maintain a constant customer-support network to monitor job progress and to provide the status of your order. Our inside sales staff -- knowledgeable, experienced and equipped with electronic support networks -- carefully guides your job from the time it enters the production schedule until it arrives at your dock in timely fashion.

We are organized to accommodate your inventory and production schedule needs. Our cycle of tube making is sufficiently flexible to meet changing situations. Likewise, our warehousing and transportation resources will help support your manufacturing requirements.