Welcome to South Bend, Indiana!

Lock Joint Tube owns two plants in the city of South Bend, Indiana with more than 500,000 Sq ft of facilities that are Quality System ISO 9001 certified. Use this link to see the Capabilities of our Indiana Facilities

Lock Joint Tube (Ireland Rd.)
515 West Ireland Road
South Bend, IN 46614

Lock Joint Tube (Walnut St.)
1215 South Walnut Street
South Bend, IN 46619

Ireland Road

Ireland Rd.
Ireland Road (click to enlarge)

Our Ireland Road plant (right) produces mechanical grade steel tubing from 5/8" to over 4" in diameter in a variety of round, square, rectangular, oval and special shapes. This facility's greatest asset is the versatility and flexibility of its tube-forming mills as well as its finishing equipment. Completely renovated in 1998 and expanded by nearly 25% in 2001, the Ireland Road plant is self-contained manufacturing, warehousing and shipping facility.

Walnut Street

Walnut St.
Walnut Street (click to enlarge)

Our plant on Walnut Street (left) is dedicated to large diameter, intermediate to heavy gauge mechanical and structural grade steel tubing. At the same time, while we promote the size and strength of the facility's production capability, we also emphasize the smoothness, finish and overall quality of the product. Longer than a football field and powered by three synchronized high horsepower motors, #7 mill has established new quality and productivity standards to achieve greater customer cost value and overall cost reduction.