Markets Served

Lock Joint Tube serves numerous market segments. In hospitals, you'll find our tubing in IV stands, bedside tables and chairs as well as for railings throughout medical facilities. On the road and near beaches as components for boat trailers. Or in your neighborhood as the support members of satellite TV dishes.

Lock Joint Tube provides the automotive market with a variety of component parts from exhaust systems on tractor trailer rigs to running board assemblies on sports utility vehicles to structural beams on Class A motor home chassis to the steel frames of trucks such as the Ford F-150.

For the office furniture and institutional furnishings market, our material is specified for desks, chairs, tables, office partitions and cafeteria furnishings. In retail stores, our tubing forms the structure for many of the chrome plated and painted racks, shelving and merchandising islands for an assortment of goods.

We understand existing marketplace needs as well as prospective opportunities. Lock Joint Tube supports fabricators as well as original equipment manufacturers. The issue may be a critical dimension, a surface finish or a severe fabricating requirement. Regardless, we share your concerns and your need to find the best possible solution.