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3D & Laser Tube Cutting Services

What is Custom Laser Tube Cutting?

Co2 Laser Tube Cutting is a thermal cutting process similar to sheet metal laser cutting but performed on tubing. The machine uses a high-powered laser that originates from a resonator and is amplified repeatedly resulting in a concentrated beam. It cuts away material on the tube as programmed in the cutting software resulting in a variety of intricate features that expand designing capabilities and can be applied to a multitude of applications.

Lock Joint Tube (LJT) custom laser tube cutting services can replace processes such as: Coping, notching, drilling, punching, sawing, machining, and deburring. Call us now to see if laser tube cutting is something that you need today!

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Custom Tubing Solutions for Your Application

Precision Laser Tube Cutting - The LJT Advantage:

  • Higher quality
  • Dimensional control, repeatability, accuracy
  • Design changes without tooling & no part-specific tooling required
  • Intricate design features available; not possible on traditional equipment
  • Decrease total lead time
  • Lower total costs & reduced labor
  • World class material traceability
  • Surface critical capability
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 3D Laser Tube Cutting Specifications

  • Tube Laser OD capabilities within a max tube weight of 10.1 lbs/ft
    • Round Tube: 0.500 - 5.500”
    • Squares, Rectangles, Ovals, & Special Sections: Must fit within a 6.250” Diameter
  • Max Cut Part length: 21’
  • Wall Thickness Cutting Capability
    • 035- 0.250”
  • 2D Tube Cutting Head
  • Laser Cutting Assist Gases
    • Oxygen
    • Nitrogen
  • Weld Seam Detection/ Orientation System
  • Surface Etching Capability

Materials: Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum

Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Special Sections

Applications:  Agricultural, All-terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Appliances, Architectural, Automotive, Furniture, Health and Fitness, Heating and AC, Heavy Equipment, Lawn and Garden, Motorcycles, Petroleum and Mining, Retail & Display, Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS), Snowmobiles, Solar Energy

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