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Steel Tubing for School & Office Furniture

Steel tubing is a popular material choice for building furniture because it is strong, durable, and versatile. Our steel tubing is commonly used to build a wide range of furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, and shelving units. The tubing can be bent and shaped into different configurations to create unique designs, and it can be finished with a variety of coatings to add color and protect against rust. Steel tubing is typically lightweight and can be easy to move, which makes it ideal for furniture that needs to be portable. Additionally, steel tubing is easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for high-traffic areas such as offices, schools, and public spaces.

Lock Joint Tube offers high-quality steel tubing for furniture, competitive costs, and excellent service expected from a furniture tubing manufacturer. LJT offers a wide range of sizes, including shapes, that are already tooled for; and also, can design shapes with current round sizes, so your tooling investment is minimal. Additionally, LJT provides many furniture customers with laser-cut finished parts, so you can focus on assembly and not up-front fabrication. 

We produce the highest quality steel tubing for school & office furniture, contact us to place your order today!

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Steel Tubing Shapes & Materials Used in the Furniture Industry

  • Largest collection of round, square and rectangular sizes in the industry
  • Produce many special shapes for the furniture industry such as ovals, flat ovals, “D” shaped tubes, a wide range of Metric-sized tubes, and special laser cut finished tubes
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Common Furniture Applications for Steel Tubing

  • Desk legs/frames
  • Shelving
  • Chair structures
  • End/coffee table frames
  • Equipment stands
  • Telescoping tubes for adjustable height tables and desks

we can accommodate special & unique requirements

Custom Tubing Solutions for Your Application

Lock Joint Tube is proud to supply and service the office furniture market with:

  • Excellent surface conditions
  • Exceptional formability- tubing able to withstand severe fabrication such as forming, bending, punching, while maintaining the cosmetic standards
  • High strength steel products, to allow for the smallest, thinnest design while providing the utmost in strength and durability
  • Engineered production processes that is designed to keep the surface of the tubes free of any defects and create minimal stress in the material to help in the fabrication processes
  • Tight ID tolerances/standards: LJT has an inventory of hundreds of plugs and gauges developed specifically for each application, in unison with the customer’s needs
  • Just-in-time service: LJT provides daily/weekly service for those within reach of its South Bend, IN facility with its own fleet of LJT trucks
  • Metallurgical Expertise: LJT’s in house team will work with the customer in the design phases to identify the best product for their application, talk to our metallurgist team about your customer application today

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