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Materials High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA)

High Strength Low Alloy Steel Tubing

High Strength Low Alloy steels have been created to achieve stronger steels while improving formability and weldability as compared to conventional carbon steels with similar strength levels. One of the key additions are small amounts of alloying elements. These quantities are too low to consider these steels as alloyed steels, therefore a family of HSLA steels were developed. Use of fine carbide formers such as vanadium, columbium (niobium), and titanium, have proven very effective in increasing strength levels of the steel, enough so that the carbon levels could drop significantly. The lower carbon content improves weldability, formability, and toughness.  The small additions of vanadium, columbium, and/or titanium alloy both grain refinement and precipitation strengthening during the hot rolling process.

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What are the Benefits of HSLA Tubing?

  • Offers customers lightweight options; designing products with lighter weight via removing wall thickness by increasing overall strength.
  • Meet demands for higher strength tubes
  • Increased formability and toughness at strength levels beyond conventional carbon steels
  • Wide selection of different minimum strength levels for flat coil products to be cold-worked and welded into tubular products
  • Available in Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled
  • Available bare or galvanized
  • A variety of HSLA grades are available ksi [mpa]
    • ASTM Grades 45[310], 50[340], 55[380], 60[410], 65[450], 70[480], 80 [550]
    • SAE Grades 5[300], 50[340], 55[380], 60.9[420], 71[490], 80 [550]
    • Ultra high strength steels GR 90[620], 100[690]

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Custom Tubing Solutions for Your Application

Industries/Applications for HSLA Steel Tubing:

Automotive: Hitch tubes, hitch receivers, cross members, frame rails, engine cradles, suspension cradles, radiator supports, instrument panel supports, front end collision systems,

ATV / Utility Vehicles: Roll Cages, frames, handle bars, steering components, suspension control arms

Agricultural: fence supports, farm implements, tine bars

Lawn and Garden: Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS), mower deck supports, steering components, handle bars

Office Furniture: Legs, table supports, chair columns

Medical: Hospital Bed Actuators, side rails and supports

Tubing Profiles: Rounds and shapes

HSLA Tubing Sizes: Inquire with your Sales Representative


As an HSLA steel tubing mill we have many options:


ASTM A1011

ASTM A1008

SAE J1392

SAE J2340

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