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Resources Blog Why Galvanization on the Inside of Steel Tubes is Key to Tube Longevity

Why Galvanization on the Inside of Steel Tubes is Key to Tube Longevity

Rust is the universally acknowledged nemesis of any steel construction, so the key question is – does galvanization prevent steel from rusting? The answer is yes, and no. Galvanization protects steel against corrosion, for up to 50 years, depending upon the galvanized coating thickness.  Eventually, the zinc coating applied to steel during the process of galvanization will degrade due to elements such as:

  • Humidity
  • Heavy precipitation
  • Exposure to salt
  • Air pollution (Sulfur dioxide in the air)
  • Acid Rain
  • Moss or other vegetation that can grow on steel

Some methods of manufacturing galvanized steel tubes only apply a galvanized coating on the tube OD. This leaves the bare or a painted tube ID susceptible to corrosion from exposure to the elements, or even just internal condensation from a sealed tubular structure. Tubes without the same galvanized protection on the ID will corrode from the inside out, thus weakening the overall structure and reducing its lifespan.

This is why the Lock-On-Galv® coating provided by Lock Joint Tube is key for long lasting galvanized steel tubes. Lock Joint Tube LLC utilizes pre-galvanized flat steel coil which is galvanized on both surfaces to ensure protection for both the OD and the ID surfaces.  The Lock-On-Galv® process requires the metallization of the High Frequency weld seam, in-line cleaning and drying, followed by the application of a uniquely formulated UV clear coating which is fully cured prior to exiting the tube mill. The Lock-On-Galv® coating is proven to offer substantial, superior corrosion protection above and beyond the galvanized coating.

Lock Joint Tube is able to customize a tube to fit any size and shape requirements you have.  If you have any questions, Ask an Expert today!

Example of competitor tube rusted from the inside.


By Mark Daril

Product Manager, LJT

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