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Resources Blog Steel Tubing: The Unsung Hero of Clean Energy

Steel Tubing: The Unsung Hero of Clean Energy 

"Clean Energy” has been a buzzword for the last decade – but how is clean energy actually achieved, and where does tubing come into the picture? In order to harness the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity, sunrays need to shine directly onto the PV cell. However, the sun changes positions throughout the day.  This means that to maximize energy potential, tracking systems move solar panels during the day to keep them facing the sun.

This is accomplished by situating the solar panels on tubes made using specialty shapes to optimize solar panel stability and movement. Tubes form the backbone of solar energy farms. Such tubes must be resistant to the elements (i.e. wind, precipitation, temperature changes) and sturdy enough to support 20+ solar panels weighing 40-60 lbs each. Lock Joint Tube uses heavy gauge hot-rolled tubing which is capable of supporting the significant weight of solar panels. LJT also ensures that all solar tubing is galvanized and often also coated with Lock-On-Galv™ coating to protect the tube from the elements.

Steel tubing used to hold solar panels is very long (up to 900 ft), therefore reducing twist is key. LJT keeps twist at less than half of industry-standard and delivers the best possible quality in order to be a company that the solar energy sector can rely on. LJT is committed to supporting the solar energy industry and will be opening a facility in Temple, Texas in order to double production capacity.

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Written By:

Keith Chrise


Steel tubing for solar.

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