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Non Symmetrical Steel Tubing

Lock Joint Tube works in partnership with customers to create unique nonsymmetrical tubing shapes that are right for you. 

Wall Thickness: 0.03” – 0.3”

Material Types:

Collaborate with us to develop the tube you need. We are open to discussing any type of shape, and steel you need.

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About Non-Symmetrical or Custom Steel Tubing

Non-symmetrical steel tubing or custom-shaped steel tubing may be needed for a variety of reasons. One reason is that it can offer improved strength and stiffness compared to standard symmetrical tubing, which can be important in certain applications. For example, non-symmetrical tubing can be used to create structures with complex shapes or to provide additional support in specific areas of a structure.

Another reason for using non-symmetrical steel tubing is to achieve a certain aesthetic look. Custom-shaped tubing can be designed to create unique architectural features or to match the design of existing structures. Non-symmetrical steel tubing can also be used to reduce weight or material usage. By designing a custom shape that optimizes the use of material, it is possible to reduce the weight of a structure without compromising its strength or stiffness.

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Non Symmetrical Shape Examples

Lock Joint Tube Non Symmetrical Shapes


Industries worked with include:

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