Welcome to Lock Joint Tube

Ever since we began this business in 1919, we have taken pride in the consistency of our product and the total value our customers experience in dealing with Lock Joint Tube.

We recognize you may be a design engineer seeking information on material chemistry, corner radius tolerance or a desired surface finish.



And, then again, you may be that fabricator who will cut, slot and weld our steel tubing into the customer's finished product.

On the other hand, you may be a production manager or purchasing professional concerned about assured straightness, special packaging requirements or a difficult delivery schedule.

We're ready and we're eager to share our numbers with you...be they lengths, weights or steel heats...PPAPs or ISIRs...or dollars, cents, volumes and delivery dates.

Again, welcome.  We're delighted you are visiting our website.  We'd love to have you visit us, meet our people and to see our tube-making facilities.  

All the best,
Lock Joint Tube