Steel Tubing

Video: Tube Making 101

Major considerations in specifying mechanical and structural grade steel tubing include the following disciplines:

Plating Quality
Most suitable, best possible tubing surface for paint or plating (chrome, zinc or nickel).

Straightness/ Twist
Meet or exceed ASTM standards for laser and/or robotic production requirements.

Inside Diameter Control
To facilitate mandrel bending, slotting and telescoping applications.

Special Shapes
To meet special size and shape requirements beyond standard or existing squares, rounds, ovals, triangles and rectangles.

Gauge Control
To secure steel that is rolled and processed to meet specified material thickness to facilitate ID requirement.

Flash Control
Capability to control, or remove inside welded flash.

Telescoping Tubes
Producing necessary sizes and shapes to insure smooth and secure fit and function.

Many Sizes
Experience, tooling and equipment to manufacture and finish a wide range of gauge materials and tube shapes.

Close to DOM(Para DOM)
Providing steel tubing near Drawn-over-Mandrel standards at significantly reduced cost.

Length Tolerance
Providing tubing lengths -- often times to the thousandths -- to meet customer production-line requirements.